The Jungle Niwas Ranthambore

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Enjoy Regal stay in the domain of Royal Tigers

The resort is wisely positioned at a place where you can easily start your forest adventure and usher into the world of the regal Bengal Tigers who have assumed legendary status.

The resort is specially designed to turn every moment of your wildlife holidays into a celebration to be cherished for a lifetime. Our team consists of subject experts in the field of conservation, qualified wildlife tour operators in India and visionary hotelier with a remarkable passion to offer genuine wildlife holidays in India at fair prices.

Treat yourself with the world-class comforts in a soothing atmosphere of our resort and partake of the remarkable guest services that bring home the traditional hospitality of Rajasthan.

The Location and Experience

Encompassed by nature the resort rests at the Aravalli Foothills is situated near the village of Sherpur and Kutalpur Malyan. Along with exploring the world-famous Ranthambore Park, you can also visit these nearby villages and experience the local life of real rural India. Retaining their pristine values, these hospitable villagers readily accept the tourists and make them a part of their local community- sharing their routine lifestyle, telling famous wildlife incidents and allowing you to enjoy the rural culture of modern India. Enjoy the soothing views of cattle grazing that seem so simple yet amusing. Venture out and try the real, fresh milk of these cattle and curd or butter made from it to get the literal “taste” of rural India. Set proudly in the unchallenged domain of Royal Bengal Tiger, the Jungle Niwas Ranthambore Resort brings you the real glory of Indian wildlife.

Deluxe Room

The camps contain everything to make your stay grand and luxurious. A dedicated living area, tastefully designed bedroom, dressing area, and a spacious bathroom. Whenever you wish to enjoy the natural vistas you can come to the private veranda.


Dining at Ranthambore

The jungle Niwas offers a variety of cuisines at its garden restaurant walled by the towering trees and roofed by the canopy of the open sky. The dining at Jungle Niwas is an experience and you won’t only savor the delicious cuisines with distinct aroma but will also partake of the special moments that strengthen the bond between humans and nature.


Ranthambore Sightseeing Package

Frequented by the notable wildlife experts, celebrated wildlife photographers nature-loving celebrities, and wildlife enthusiasts on their the Ranthambore is a sprawling wildlife reserve that houses a vast variety of wildlife species- right from swift cheetahs scurrying through tall grasses to the formidable marsh crocodiles near water bodies with their jaws wide opened. Of course, the focal point of the reserve is the regal animal- Royal Bengal Tiger. The grand 10-century fort of Ranthambore effortlessly arrests the attention. On a hilltop, you can see the famous Ganesh Mandir temple.


Ranthambore Tiger Safari

Our guided Gypsy/Canter Safari assures that you get the exclusive experience and enjoy each moment of your wildlife Indian tour to its fullest. Whether you wish to enjoy the one on one encounter with the famed royal beast or enjoy your wildlife photography tour in India we help your achieve your goals. Our tour guides are both qualified and entertaining to offer you a perfect real “infotainment” experience. They are well acquainted with the local terrain and can guide you to get glimpses of different animals and colorful birds.


JUNGLE NIWAS- An accommodation with a vision

The world-class services and regal ambiance of Jungle Niwas make it one of the preferred choices for enjoying the best wildlife tours in India offering a unique experience and complete satisfaction to the guests. Attention to detail, ethical conduct, and traditional hospitality are some of the factors that have helped us build a strong reputation over the years. For us wildlife safari tours in India have a greater role to play in raising wildlife awareness among the people and in our capacity we are fully committed to help in achieving this objective.

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Befitted with 13 comfortable rooms the hotel offers a luxurious accommodation experience. Depending upon your preferences you can select any of the two accommodation experiences provided by the resort.

The Maharaja Luxury tented accommodation is best suited for travelers who wish to be an integral part of the natural atmosphere without compromising on the comforts. Each tent comes with modern bathrooms stocked with herbal products to cleanse your body the natural way. These tents stand just in the middle of the nature surrounded by majestic trees, chirping of birds and awesome changing vistas of the sky.

For the tourists who need a private, calm ambiance to relax after an entire day’s expedition and refresh them for another day’s adventure we have a Royal suite cottage that is supplied with all the modern amenities and wisely built to allow you some peaceful, relaxing moments.

Just behind the resort lies the world-famous forest of Ranthambore regarded as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and bird watchers. The forest boasts of several wildlife species and the most famous are, of course, the Royal Bengal Tiger.


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Guided Tours

An experienced guide will accompany you to help you discover and follow the tiger’s pug marks and you may have the breathtaking view of this royal animal with majestic king-size appearance. Throughout your jungle trail, you can easily spot other species- right from colourful birds perched on the trees to the galloping sambhars and scurrying cheetahs and may also get to see fearless cheetah running thunderously at a speed of 90 miles per hour.

Safari Ranthambore

The Jungle Niwas Ranthambore Resort Ranthambore offer Gypsy/Canter safari at Resort. Mostly visitors do not manage safari booking in Ranthambore because of little information and always think that How to book safari in Ranthambore. We are offer our clients exclusive private Gypsy safari and sharing Gypsy safari both of us.

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